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Mississippi Forage & Grassland Council

About Us

Forages are the foundation of livestock production in Mississippi’s agriculture. In gross value, hay is considered the state’s fifth largest crop. This acreage represents 6.8% of the open farmland in the state. Over 80 and 70% of marketed beef and dairy products respectively are derived directly from forages.  It is estimated that 1.4 million acres of pasture and 720,000 acres of hay and silage are harvested annually in Mississippi. There was 2.16 million tons of hay produced in 2014 with a production value of $157 million.  Some of the most common forages utilized in Mississippi include bermudagrass, bahiagrass, tall fescue, annual ryegrass, oats, wheat, white clover and annual clovers (arrowleaf, ball, berseem, crimson).

The Mississippi Forage and Grassland Council (MSFGC) is an affiliate council of the American Forage & Grassland Council.  MSFGC’s mission is to provide the framework that unites industry representatives, forage and livestock producers, conservationists, educational and government institutions for the production, marketing, and wise use of forages and grasslands.  MSFGC helps identify needs for sponsoring research and education in efficient forage production, utilization and marketing that at the same time can provide environmental benefits such as soil and water conservation.  Our purpose is to improve all phases of forage and grassland agriculture by collecting, analyzing, and disseminating useful information. MSFGC is the voice of the Mississippi forage industry.  

Organizations such as MSFGC, MSGLCI, NRCS, and Mississippi Soil & Water Conservation Commission work together to promote the interest in forage production and utilization to safeguard livestock production.  MSGFC coordinates forage promotion efforts with surrounding states and national organizations.  Working closely with producers and the Mississippi State University Forage Research & Extension Program, producers have access to the most up-to-date research and practical recommendations through tours, pasture walks, and regional grazing schools.  MSFGC also holds an annual conference where forage experts and producers share the stage on presenting research to farm practices on forage management and livestock production.

The MSFGC is a non-profit organization run by volunteers and organized through Dr. Rocky Lemus (Extension Forage Specialist).